What is a Day-Of-Wedding Coordinator?

Unlike a full service wedding planner, a “Day-of” coordinator is for brides and grooms who want to do most of the planning themselves, but when their wedding day arrives, they need a professional to execute all of their hard work and vision come to life. 

Too often, brides rely on family and friends to help carry out plans on the day of their wedding. By asking a friend or family member to take on this stressful task, that person will not be able to enjoy the event as a guest, and will end up feeling like “event staff.” 

I already have a venue coordinator.
Is that the same thing as a Day-Of Coordinator?


Simple answer is, no. Venue coordinators' main priority is their space and venue. My main priority is YOU. 

Why hire Caroline?

I love coordinating weddings even when it can be tough at times. I have coordinated tons of events but weddings are my favorite. I love seeing dream weddings come to life. You can trust me to fully commit to your special day and I will do my very best to make your special day stress free!

What types of couples work best with your style?

Couples who are willingly to trust me 100% with their vision and my decisions. Couples who understand that the unexpected are expected on a wedding day. Couples who have most of their wedding planned but need help with logistics and execution. 

Couples who are ready to have the best wedding ever!

What are your rates for a Day-of Coordinator?




I offer different types of packages for my couples depending on their wedding needs. Please email me at CelebratewCaroline@gmail.com and I can work with your needs directly.


Note: Due to University Place city and WA state regulations, a 10% sales tax will also be due with any purchases. Sales tax rate is subject to change in accordance with city/state regulations.